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Berger Paints India Ltd. (Berger Protecton – Protective Coating Division)

Protection consulting adds value to user industries and engineering consultants by being involved from project conception to installation, providing the right painting specifications to ensure durability, and assisting in adhering to good painting practices to authenticate protection as offered against the various conditions and varying severity of corrosion.

The protection consultant also provides value-added service during the maintenance stage by conducting corrosion audits and assisting in the improvement of the painting system by conducting workshops to introduce good painting practices. High-qualified and certified inspectors from NACE and SSPC are available to extend technical assistance in installing protective coatings.

Our Products

Berger Protecton is a protective coating product line from Berger, India’s market leader in high-performance protective coatings for over 45 years. It meets various environmental and industrial corrosion protective requirements, whether on concrete or steel substrates, with products that have gained instant global recognition and continue to meet quality requirements that are still demanded in the domestic high performance coatings market today. All our clients recognise Berger as a quality vendor, and we have in place ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 systems of quality governance.

 High Performance Protective Coatings

 Epilux- The Range of Epoxies

 Epilux FRX Anticorrosive Coatings

 Epilux Super Build STGlass Flake Coating

 Epilux 950 Super High Build Coating

 Epimax GPE Coating

 Epilux Durebuild FRE Coating

 Epilux STL Coating

 Epiphenolic HBTL

 Epilux Floor Coatings

 Lumeros – Heat Resistant Coatings

 Zinc Anode – Inorganic

 Zinc Silicate Coatings

 Bergerthane – The Polyurethane Range

 Aqugreen Coatings

 Anticarb Range

 Rebar Coatings

 Sigmark – The Signage Marking Products