Mechanical Anchor Fasteners

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With effective and timely delivery, we offer the best range of Fischer high performance mechanical anchors (FAZ II), Fischer high performance steel anchors (FH II), Fischer drop bullet anchors (DBA), Fischer chemical anchors (RGM II), and Fischer wedge anchors (FWA II).

Mechanical Anchor Fasteners

Mechanical anchor fasteners use friction to anchor themselves in place. The most common type of anchor is designed to expand in diameter when it is pushed into the hole. This expansion grips the base material tightly and causes the anchor to be firmly wedged in place. anchor bolt for push-through and pre-positioned installation. When the hexagon nut is tightened, the tapered bolt is pulled into the expansion clip, which expands it against the hole wall.


Approved for: Non-cracked concrete >C20/25 and maximum C50/60

Also suitable for: Natural stone with dense structure

For fixing of:-

    • Steel constructions
    • Railings
    • Consoles
    • Ladders
    • Cable trays
    • Machines Foundation
    • Staircases
    • Gates
    • Facades
    • High racks
    • Stand-off installations
    • Wooden constructions



    • The long thread allows stand-off installations and variable usable lengths.
    • 8 to 16 mm in diameter can also be used for reduced anchoring depths, such as for light loads or when reinforcements are hit.
    • embossed letter on the head for subsequent control of the installation as it indicates the setting depth.
    • FBN 8 H hook anchor for simple installation of meshed reinforcements, wire gratings, and so on


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