Chemical Anchor Fasteners (RGM-Threaded Rod)

Minimize Damage, Maximize Safety.

This established fixing system consists of the RG M threaded rod and the RM resin capsule. The 2-component resin capsule RM contains quick-setting, styrene-free vinyl ester resin and hardener. During setting, the edges of the threaded rod destroy the capsule in the drill hole, which mixes and activates the mortar. The resin adheres to the entire surface of the threaded rod, bonding it to the wall of the drilled hole.


Chemical Anchor Fasteners

Chemical anchor fasteners can also be placed towards the edge of concrete substrates and through masonry blocks. The non-expanding nature of a chemically-held rod drastically reduces the chance of the surrounding concrete cracking. This is very good for securing railings close to edges, concrete stairs, and similar applications. Finally, chemical anchoring allows you to make minor adjustments to the stud’s alignment during the open working time of the chemicals, whereas a mechanical anchor requires a hole to be drilled millimeter-perfect every time to correct depth and angle, and if it isn’t, it cannot be used.

Approved for: Non-cracked concrete C20/25 and maximum C50/60

Also suitable for: Natural stone with dense structure

For fixing of :-

  • Steel constructions
  • Railings
  • Consoles
  • Ladders
  • Cable trays
  • Machines Foundation
  • Staircases
  • Gates
  • Facades
  • High racks
  • Stand-off installations
  • Wooden constructions

Advantages/Benefits : –

  • Threaded rods are supplied with an easy to use hexagonal installation drive or can be installed with an adapter.
  • High-performance resin guarantees high loads in non-cracked concrete.
  • The resin anchoring is free of expansion forces and permits small axial spacing’s and edge distances.
  • Wide range for many applications.
  • New European design method enables optimum use of the anchor system for cost-efficient fixing.

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